Be truthful, gentle and fearless.
— Ghandi

It's the start of a new week, and I feel as if i'm in the middle of 1 million and one things that are flying around me at warp speed. Part of me wants to crawl back to bed and the other part of me wants to accomplish a years worth of work in one day. When I awoke this morning feeling restless and antsy I knew that today was a day I needed some serious mat time more than ever. 
I took myself to the gym and burnt off some energy then came home, unrolled my mat in the warmth of the morning sun and had a beautiful sunrise practice focusing on vasisthasana /side plank. Funny that I chose side plank to practice today? Not quite. Side plank is all about strength and balance. Needing present awareness and a strong grounding to stop yourself form toppling over. 
 Vasistha = most excellent, best, richest. 
Vasistha was one of the more well-known yoga sages, with many Vedic hymns  to his name. 
Vasistha was also the lucky owner of the 'cow of plenty', named Nandini (that means 'delight' in sanskrit) 
Nandini was said to grant Vasistha's every wish and accounts for his infinite wealth. 

With that being said,
Today's to do list: 

1. Count my blessings

2. Practice Kindness

3. Let go of what I cannot control

4. Listen to my heart

5. Stop and BREATHE.

What's on your to do list today? 

With love, 

D x