Don't give up now, chances are 

your best kiss

hardest laugh

and your greatest day  

are still to come.  

 - Atticus


Sometimes it takes a sunrise or a sunset to reset things, reassess your expectations and to calm you.  

You don't look at a sunrise and think - you'd be so much prettier with more pink, less orange. You just accept it for what it is. In all it's beauty. What if we looked at ourselves with the same wonderment and unhindered appreciation? 

I challenge you to try it for one day!  

Harder than you think! Perhaps have a fall back phrase or word to bring into place everytime your mind goes into it's negative state. Replace the bad with the good. 

Words have power - they hold vibrations, what words are you letting run wild internally? Stop thinking thoughts that lack nourishment.  

I can, I will, I am strong, beauty surrounds me.  

Are all far better than; I can't, I won't, I am weak, negativity surrounds me.  

Try it and see for yourself! 

💕 Dani