There's simply no denying it- bloating sucks!

Eating in a rush or in a stressed state limits the production of digestive juice like enzymes and how much blood and oxygen circulates to the digestive organs. As a result, the food can feel like it's just sitting in your belly, undigested, fermenting and causing often uncomfortable bloating. So whether it's simply because you ate too fast, too much of the wrong thing or just because you've had a bit of a bad reaction to either a liquid or food that seems to be protesting deep within your belly, then I have some good news for you, here's some simple things to help you! 


Take this opportunity to breathe deeply, settling yourself into a relaxed state of mind, which increases the body's digestive activity. Allowing the diaphragm to expand downward toward the stomach with deep breaths can help move things around so all the food can contact the digestive juices. By fully oxygenating the lungs, more fresh blood will be able to circulate to the digestive system. This triple action will set your digestive system back on the right track, helping it to digest rather than ferment, and to reduce bloating and gas.

All it takes is a little relaxation and deep breathing.


Yoga is effective at reducing bloating for many of the same reasons as deep breathing: It relaxes you; it alleviates stress and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, commonly called "rest and digest." But yoga offers even more advantages to help alleviate bloating.

For example, doing twists and side bends can help move the contents of the stomach around so they come into contact with digestive juices. Apanasana, or "wind relieving" pose, in which you lie on your back and pull your knees into your chest, can help move gas through the system. Vajrasana (sitting upright on your knees and shins) is sometimes translated as "rock" pose because it's believed this pose increases your digestive fire enough to be able to digest a rock. Malasana, while commonly translated as "squatting" pose or "garland" pose, actually comes from "mala," a word in Ayurveda which means wastes. Therefore, malasana pose helps to move wastes through and out of the lower digestive system, which can ensure you have a flat lower belly.