The biggest myth about spiritual awakening is that it leaves you in a state of 'permanent bliss'.

No. No. It doesn't leave 'you' anywhere at all, because there is no 'you', no fixed 'self' that endures from moment to moment.

Awakening is not for the self, then, it's from the self; its longings, its regrets, its expectations, its impossible ideals and all its conceptions of happiness. And its dreams of awakening, too.

Its resistance to the present moment. Its yearning for a love it cannot know. Its fight against 'what is'.

You don't become something new, in awakening; you collapse back into what you always were. WHOLE. FREE. COMPLETE. And the capacity for all the joy and the pain of the world, all its agony and ecstasy, all its bliss and boredom, certainty and doubt.

Your home is not in time, friend; it is in PRESENCE.

And your destination was never a destination for you; it was always You, the place where breathing happens, the Heart of the moment.

- Jeff Foster