I had a bit of a manic weekend, where I felt l like I was trapped in a storm in a teacup. All of my fears, my insecurities, all of the shit i'd been ignoring - popped up to say hello... 👋

Eventually I realised the issue: stress, and stress is cumulative.
I take on so much, just keep adding more and more to my pile, slowly letting self care, and nourishment fritter away as I add to my to do list instead.

And surprisingly (I know) at some point, the burden becomes too big and I get exhausted, injured or depressed.

This snowball of stress starts to roll so fast that it pushes you to the edge. But take a step back and realise that cumulative stress is something that you're dealing with even when it isn't a matter of life or death. The stress of extra workouts or additional work projects. The stress of building a business or finishing an important project. The stress of parenting your young children or dealing with a bad partner or caring for your aging parents, or whatever it may be....


The solution? You need to keep your cup full. Your cup for you that only when that is full and overflowing can you begin to give to other people and if you want to keep your cup full, you have two options:

  1. Refill your cup on a regular basis.
    That means catching up on sleep, making time for laughter and fun, good company catch ups, eating enough to maintain solid energy levels, and otherwise making time for recovery.
  2. Let the stressors in your life accumulate and drain your bucket. Once you hit empty, your body will force you to rest through injury and illness.

Recovery is a non-negotiable.
Make time for you! - I honestly cannot stress this enough


Because recovery is not negotiable. You can either make time to rest and rejuvenate now or make time to be sick and injured later. Keep your cup full, you ARE worth it, you are enough, just be kind to yourself.

I know what it feels like to be your own biggest hater, your own worst critic, but it's not helpful, not one big. We need to get back to loving and cheering ourselves on.

It's a new week and i'll be spending it filling my own cup.I have a massage booked, I plan on saying no to the extras and I plan on nourishing me, and that actually feels good!