Let Go of Notions of Perfection


Table settings not perfect? Present wrapping not pinterest worthy, christmas lunch doesn't look like it was styled by Nigella Lawson ... these ridiculous expectations we place on ONE day a year need to be loosened.

So as an extension of gratitude, I want you to try + surrender your notions of perfection. Instead try to maintain a realistic notion of what can and cannot be accomplished during this time of year.

While we'd like it to be 'picture perfect' the truth is, the gifts don’t have to be perfect, the meals don’t have to be perfect - the point is to get together with loved ones in the same room + celebrate. And sorry to be the bearer of mind blowing news here, but chances are those relationships won't be perfect either and it may somewhat resemble the Griswalds ... ala my family. :P

My advice, instead embrace the chaos!

Surrender that voice in your head that is insisting you do more or better, and recognise that slip-ups are an inevitable part of any day. Don’t get caught up in the trap of perfection, recognise that things will likely not abide by all of the ideas you have in your head, and try to accept whatever happens as an opportunity for growth and learning.