Regardless of what style of yoga you practice, the truth is you mat is going to get a little dirrrrrty. It doesn't matter where you practice or even how often you practice, it’s always good hygiene to clean your mat - and also to clean off a bit of that karma! 

Now i'm very aware that different mats are made from different materials and have different care instructions blah blah blah. 
This mat cleaner is very basic, no nasties and all natural ingredients and is what I have found works really great on my mat! 

Why make your own? It’s more cost effective over time! Plus you get to choose the cocktail of scents and properties based on your essential oil preferences.

What you'll need

  • Small spray bottle. 
  • Distilled or spring water (3/4 of the spray bottle).
  • 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil (or your choice of oil) – tea tree is good for antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • 1 drop of your favourite essential oil, most people would recommend lavender for it's calming properties BUT i'm not a huge lavender fan. Soz guys. So I choose something citrus like lime, lemon or wild orange! 
  • Optional – witch hazel or white vinegar (fill 1/4 of the spray bottle). If using either of these, add a few more drops of essential oils to combat the strong aroma