Gratitude is the very simple act of just expressing thanks for the things you have in your life and even when you're having a terrible day, trust me there are ALWAYS things to be grateful for!
Think of it as counting your blessings.

Gala Darling, author of 2017 Radical Self Love three has listed three easy ways to practice gratitude in your daily life

1. Turn your Instagram into a visual gratitude diary
2. Create a gratitude jar.  On slips of paper, scrawl down the things that make you happy as you experience them. Fold them up, and put them inside a big glass jar for a rainy day when you might need them most!
3. Make a list of ten things you're grateful for every morning and night. The simple act of taking a break from a negative head-churn to list out 10 things I’m thankful for can completely change my mood around.

By practicing gratitude, you are made aware of what is making you happy and/or what you are grateful for in that moment, which supports the idea of being present.