I believe that being fast becomes more of a curse than a blessing.
We’re impatient. We lose focus. We forget what is important!

Productivity has increased hugely in the past century, but working time has also increased!
Surely you'd expect that if you manage to achieve more with less, you wouldn’t need to work so hard... nup!

It's a vicious cycle ...
achieve more > want more > create more > then we need to work more. It's never ending!
Some people have started to break the cycle, and I am one of them. I call it the SLOW movement.

I'd love to take you on a weekend slowing down with yoga + mindfulness.

A two night weekend retreat focusing on you, slowing down + coming home to you, where all the good stuff resides.

Slow down, take your time, learn to breathe again, reset, eat nourishing food, connect with like-minded people, say YES to you!

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