It's time to talk.
Time to talk about this thing that we live in.
24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Before birth and until we draw our last breath.
Our form. Human form. Most commonly referred to as our body.
Common thoughts ... mines too round, too big, mine doesn't look like hers ... or hers, if only mine was more like this and less like that....... and so on ... sound familiar? Yeah, me too.
It's silly. the whole thing. the concept of average or normal or better. Because shapes are shapes and bodies are bodies and life is too precious to worry about whether or not you should wear a strapless if you've got broad shoulders or if your life would be better if your waist was more nipped in or your boobs were a cup bigger.
What's wrong in all of this? The mindset. It leaves us ripe to fall into the traps of circular inner narratives and the kind of self talk that not even our worst enemy deserves.

I suppose I like to talk a lot about bodies because I spent so many years thinking so desperately about mine.
There are some loops in my brain that are wired like the worst kind of negative self talk known to mankind but I do my best to keep them from firing much these days. But shapes are shapes and bodies are bodies and mine is shaped like everything I've ever loved, and carried, and ran for, or ran from. It's a story of some of the best nights of my life and the best ice creams the world has to offer. It's the shape of my holiday indulgences, the home of my binges. 
Buy the damn strapless. 
Remind yourself that worth does not come from a label or a salespersons sideways glance.
Own YOU. 
Love yourself... even if you identify with the pierogi ;)