January's second full moon is upon us, and it isn't just a full moon by any stretch. It's also a supermoon. And there's going to be a lunar eclipse the same night, which makes it a blood moon. Annnnd, since it's the second full moon of the month, some consider this Wednesday's full moon to be a blue moon to boot.
Fascinating? I think so! 

What does this January Supermoon mean for you? 

 If you missed the full moon at the start of the month, this is a second chance to observe a January full moon and set any intentions you had when the month kicked off.

Plus, the fact that it falls on the last day of the month shouldn't be overlooked. The full moon is like a spiritual microphone — it'll amplify any efforts you're already making. If you take advantage of the full moon's energy this week, there's a chance you'll still be seeing its effects well into February and beyond.

How can you make the most of this moon? 


work twice as hard

The full moon's energy can be a booster shot for any sort of ritual, whether you're charging your crystals or summoning divine power. But, if you aren't the magic-working type, you can simply apply that same belief to your regular old to-do list. Last week's insurmountable challenges may now seem totally doable, or a burst of creativity may offer you a work-around.


take another stab at your resolutions

Are you wanting to make 2018 your year of change, but somehow missed the whole new years resolutions thing? Or maybe you made resolutions that have already fallen by the way side? Consider this Supermoon your opportunity for a resolution do-over — only this time, the lunar phase will encourage you to be more realistic about what you can achieve. Set goals for each month, set goals for seasons - see it as small, actionable steps. I promise you'll be happy you took this down-to-earth route in a few months when you're making real progress toward your end result.


crack open that tarot deck

It's said that the full moon can ignite your intuition. While you can definitely spend your Supermoon experimenting with a set of crystals or a pendulum, there are smaller ways you can tap into that side of yourself.
As far as intuitive tools, I'd recommend starting with a deck of tarot cards, since you can do as little as draw a single card and still find meaning in its symbol.


ask for more

This full moon will be in Leo, you might be feeling a little aggressive. Harness that predator instinct by taking charge in your life. This Wednesday, you should feel empowered to ask tough questions and lead with bold (if not totally blunt) honesty. In the same way that this illuminating lunar phase can help you face hard truths within yourself, so, too, can it push you to accept the facts elsewhere in your life.

Happy Supermoon lovelies
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