Yoga is for everyone - yep you read right.
Hear me out ... I can already hear the excuses popping up

  • I'm not flexible enough
  • I can't walk properly 
  • I need to lose X amount of kilos before I begin 
  • I'm injured
  • I'm too old 
  • I'm not as healthy as I used to be 
  • I don't have cool yoga pants

Maybe you associate with one ... maybe all of them? 
Statistics show that:

4 out of 5 people WANT to start yoga

Not do, they WANT TO ... this is heart breaking for me - what's happening to those 4 people that never start?!
I feel partly to blame - yoga is so glorified these days, you see it splashed all over social media and on tv. 
The beautiful locations, the stunning + flexible, vibrant bodies - effervescent and happy. 

Let me tell you - I, as well as all of the other people practicing (and teaching) yoga - we are the outliers. If you resonated with any of the above reasons as to why you haven't started yoga - guess what? YOU are the majority.
And it is my job to provide a practice that you too can enjoy!


I see injury, ageing and illness stopping so many people from enjoying and reaping the real (and statistically proven) benefits of yoga.

Maybe you feel rejected or like your body has let you down - no it hasn't! You just haven't found the right yoga - or teacher for that matter for you! 

I can't change your change your body, but I can show how you can still practice yoga, but most importantly still move forward in life with a foundation of love for your body. 

  • Can't walk? -  Chair yoga 
  • Can barely move? - Pranayama and gentle stretches
  • Can't balance?  - Hold a wall or god forbid your teacher
  • Afraid of judgement? - We all start somewhere! 
  • Don't have cool yoga clothes? They're not necessary
  • I'm too overweight? - This is no issue! 
  • I need to get a workout - You're not working hard enough in class

Whatever excuse you have - i'm sure I can (annoyingly, I know) counter your excuse. 

Loving your body and the skin your in is the new black.
Self loathing, judgement and fear is out.  

Still unsure if you can start yoga? Send me a message, get in contact - let's chat, maybe beginning with 1 on 1 classes. 

 Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

If you can breathe - you can do yoga.