In ancient times Hatha yoga was practised for many years as a preparation for higher states of consciousness.

I have fallen in love with the science of Hatha yoga all over again.
People always ask me why yoga? It's just stretching ... no it's a science - an ancient science that is designed to bring people to their highest level.
Hatha yoga is a method for preparing the system for spiritual awakening, but it is also a very important science of health. Since ancient times, it has been used by yogis + rishis for the relief and elimination of all kinds of diseases and defects. It is true that the practices require more time and effort on the part of the patient than conventional therapies, but in terms of permanent, positive results, as well as saving the enormous expenditure on medicines, they are absolutely more worthwhile. 

What makes this method of treatment so powerful + effective is the fact that it works according to the principles of harmony + unification, rather than diversity. 


The three important principles on which physical + mental therapy are based are as follows:

  1. Presenting absolute health to one part or system of the body thereby, influencing the rest of the body.
  2. Balancing the positive / negative energy poles ida + pingala and prana + apana
    (ida + pingala; running alongside the sushumna nadi, on either side of the spine, are the ida + pingala nadis. Ida = chandra (yin) energies of the moon. Pingala refers to the surya (yang) energies of the sun.
     prana + apana; prana = inward, upward energy, apana = downward, outward energy)
  3. Purifying the body of the three types of wastes (doshas)

Let me give you an example; 

If you had fifteen grandfather clocks all together on the same wall, all with pendulums of identical length + weight, something quite cool will happen … After some time all the pendulums will become synchronised in their movements. This is due to the law of mutual rhythms + vibrations. 

So in our physical bodies, our various organs + systems all have their own functions to carry out, but there should be complete co-ordination between them, if any of the organs or systems of the body are not able to co-ordinate with each other, it actually means that not one but all the systems and organs are unbalanced. 

Therefore; in any sickness, whether physical or mental, every system is out of co-ordination and affected. 

According to the law of mutual rhythms, all you have to do in order to regain the health of the whole system is to bring one organ or system to a state of health. Then all the others will naturally follow suit. Thus bringing harmony and unification, the yoga.