#2 Maintain Gratitude for What Is.

Much of the pressure we may feel during the silly season is associated with;
- wanting to control what happens
- how things play out
- having huge expectations of one day
... sound familiar?

Instead of imagining how things could be better, try to just accept things for how they are. Simple. To take it even further, try to identify specific things in your life right now that you are grateful for.

Gratitude goes a long way when it comes to overall wellness.

So rather than dwelling on what isn’t working try to focus on what is. Simply re-framing one’s thinking about things and taking on a perspective from a place of gratitude can be very empowering.

Can't get a minute to yourself during this time >>> you've got a big family who loves you and wants your attention.

You've got a house that needs cleaning >>> look around at the marvel of having a beautiful home and a roof over your head.

Don't have much time off over Christmas? >>> You have a job that pays your bills and allows you to provide for you.


Try it!
x x