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Gaze Point

Our attention is the most valuable thing we have, and the visible world can be an addictive, overstimulating, and a spiritually debilitating lure.

In yoga we have the term 'Drishti' translating to: 
a specific focal point that is employed during meditation or while holding a yoga posture. 

Humans are predominantly visual creatures. As every yoga practitioner has discovered, even during practice we find ourselves looking at the pose, outfit, or new hairstyle of the student on the next mat. We stare out the window or at the skin flaking between our toes, as though these things were more interesting than focusing on God realization. And boom! Where our eyes are directed, our attention follows.

use a soft gaze, looking through it toward a vision of cosmic unity.

Don't: ever force yourself to gaze in a way that strains your eyes, brain, or body.

Like all yogic practices, drishti uses the blessed gifts of a human body and mind as a starting place for connecting to our full potential—the wellspring that is the source of both body and mind.