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Finding home

Finding home

In case you didn't know it already from my million palm tree + coconut photos on Instagram (@dani_christie) i'm in beautiful balmy Bali. 

I came here to magical Bali to further my yoga journey on a 5 week YogaCoach immersion led by Guru, Mark Breadner.
I joined 11 other beautiful handpicked souls to share the adventure with.

Let's rewind.

Pre-trip ...

I was feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, directionless and a sense of unfulfillment.
Not a great place to be in when you associate with being a perfectionist, a procrastinator and a borderline control freak with tendencies to self destruct and self sabotage.

What I needed was a place to land.
A space to come back home, to me.
I needed to press the reset button, to start fresh, to feel re-inspired, refocused and re-invigorated. 

Why I like to burn myself out + into to the ground before I stop, or god forbid put my hand up and ask for help? I'm still working that one out, but i'm getting better at bouncing back, and that's a fact. 

Trust that life is giving you exactly what you need practice in...Everything, EVERYTHING is an opportunity to learn and grow. 

The good, the bad, the nasty, the sweet. All of it. 

I'm learning to trust. 
Trust that life is giving me exactly what I need at any given moment. And you can too!

The burnouts, the break ups, the jobs that didn't work out, the friend that is a total flake. 
These are the EXACT lessons we need to help us grow, and enable deeper healing.
Strengthening our beings. Opening our big beautiful hearts. Inviting more light in to our lives.
So that we can stand more in flow and more in our personal power. 

So, what if we could choose to live this way?

What if we could trust? Trust that it's all going to work out, one way or another, what would we get in return?

Peace. Acceptance. Joy. Power. Happiness. Courage. Beauty. 

I'll be honest after the past 7 weeks in Bali, getting accustomed to a life of sun, warmth, palm trees and coconuts, am I longing to come home? Nope.
Did I reconsider the whole damn thing? Yep.
Was I resisting? Absolutely. 

So today as I enjoy my final 24 hours in Bali I choose to trust. With all my heart, that life has got my back. And everything is as it should be. And that once again I have found my way back onto my path and I can see the light again, and all is well.

All is well. 
All is well. 
All is well. 
All is well. 
All is well.