So you've seen them advertised and you've probably wondered, 'Is it for me? Why go on a yoga retreat?'.
Let me explain ... 

Here are my top 5 reasons to make sure that this year is finally the year that you take that long dreamed about yoga retreat.

1. Time for you, and you only!

There is a massive difference between going on holiday and going on a retreat.
Retreat the word itself is defined as "the act of moving back or withdrawing". So if you think its about taking a step back, going inward and allowing yourself some time out, then you are spot on!
A retreat is simply about being, and not doing.
I will encourage you to leave the outside world behind, step away from all stresses and drains on your time and energy, and instead put your focus on doing less and being more. At the very, very least, time away from your day-to-day life will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, re-inspired, and deeply rested.

2. Get deeper into your yoga practice

Whatever your reasons for jumping on your mat, and no matter what your level of yoga experience, a retreat will assist you to go beyond, and possibly even soar above! 
The main focus of your day is you and your practice. It truly is the perfect time to explore new things, and you’re guaranteed to go deeper.

3. Meet like minded people

I get it, coming on your own is nerve wracking. But in fact 80-90% of people come on their own, And the best thing about going to a retreat alone is that you already share a common interest and passion with everyone else. You are all in this together to learn, deepen, expand, and grow in some way. Yoga has this funny way of helping you to bond with others like nothing else.
Strangers become friends as you open yourself up to new experiences and you grow together in the company of other like minded people.

4. Learn Something New

Learn to cultivate a new lifelong habit; Mindfulness.
Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, switching from the automatic pilot of doing and settling into just being. The pace of modern life can easily take us away from the heart of who we are and what we love. Stress, anxiety, depression and busy-ness can leave us feeling drained, tired, sleepless and generally unwell. Let's learn how to turn that around! 

5. Detox your Life

Looking to nourish and cleanse your body, mind + soul? 
Yep we've got you covered!
Daily organic vegetarian meals to nourish your body from the inside out
Mindfulness activities and exercises littered throughout the weekend to help ease stress and anxieties. 
Daily yoga to help you to be more mindful of your body, while learning to appreciate and love this wonderful ‘machine’ we live in.

The main focus of a yoga retreat is often to help you to feel really, really good in all ways, so no matter what your initial reasons for going, a yoga retreat will leave you feeling cleansed, restored, re-inspired, recharged, and most of all, like new!