N E W   M O O N   I N  C A N C E R


An evening of guided manifesting, meditation + candlelit yin yoga.


An auspicious time of manifestation and new growth.

A new moon offers up an opportunity, a symbol of new beginnings. A new moon is ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions, and plant new seeds.

Asking the universe for what you want is a very powerful practice. Combine asking for what you want with the clean slate and power of a New Moon and you have a potent recipe for creating the vision you most desire.

The new moon offers an energising and exciting time to recalibrate your energy for the upcoming cycle and bring a upgraded level of consciousness to the dreams you long to make a reality.

This new moon falls in astrological sign of CANCER. 
but what does this mean?

This new moon provides and opportunity for a healing moment to open our hearts and show some affection—to both ourselves, and others.

Home + family will be under the moon's spotlight this month, as the new moon helps us start a fresh chapter with the ones we love most.

The new moon is an invitation to start fresh, call in intentions, and set the tone for the next cycle.

Beginning with a cleansing of old energies we’ll then dive into manifesting for the new month ahead. Next up we’ll meditate upon those manifestations really looking to sow the seeds. We’ll finish the evening with some beautiful, soft candlelit yin yoga.

Join me for an evening of guided manifesting, meditation + candlelit yin yoga.

This evening is recommended (though, not obligatory) in conjunction with the full moon release evening held July 28th, more info here.

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Body Awakenings Yoga Studio
13/1-5 Gymea Bay Road
Friday July 13th, 2018
07.00pm - 08.45pm
$35 p/person
bookings essential as spots are limited!